Fair-dealing with JSI

Almost all of our business is repeat business, we do no advertising and have no sales force - all our business comes through recommendation. It is therefore very important to us that our clients are pleased with the work we do and feel they have been treated fairly.

We are committed to dealing in a fair and open way with both customers and suppliers. We appreciate that your budget is not infinitely flexible and needs planning. Wherever possible, we will give you a fixed price for a project and a realistic estimate of the variable and external costs. We have no tricky clauses in our contracts which will force you into extra, unanticipated costs.

You won't find us engaging in opaque and confusing pricing, adding 'management fees' to your invoice, overstating the cost of printing to pad your invoice or keeping copyright to the work we do for you (forcing you to pay inflated prices for reprints, for example).


  • We will work to a fixed price for projects where the cost can be fixed. If the project has fixed and variable elements we will give you a fixed price for the fixed parts and a variable price for the variable parts.

  • We will not charge you extra if we make mistakes.

  • We don't add markup to external costs (printing, travel etc). The supplier invoices are always ready for inspection.

  • Any discounts we negotiate with suppliers are passed on to you. We never ask a supplier for one invoice for us and another for the client. - no 'under the table' discount arrangements with suppliers.

  • We will pass on any economies of scale to you. If we send a writer to a congress for two companies we will not charge both clients for the travel and accommodation.

  • The copyright in our work is passed to the client at the end of the project, so you can reprint your own monograph, for example.

  • We will bill you for external expenses when we are charged by the supplier, not before.